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The Black Cat

"Wherever your heart is, it’s there you'll find your treasure. I've found my treasure in my husband, Geovanni."
Biological Information
Birthplace: London, England
Date of Birth: July 4, 2167
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Ethnicity: British
Height: 5ft. 9in.
Weight: 143lbs.
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Grey
Family Information
Father: Nathan Ford
Mother: Sophia Ford
Brothers: Ellis Ford
Sisters: None
Past Romances: • She had a short fling with Martin Isaacs
• Dated Sam Birchall in her teens.
• Was engaged to Ryan Greene.
Marital Status: Married to Geovanni Aurora
Children: • Gianna Aurora (daughter)
• Unnamed Son
Character Information
Abilities: • Grapnel hidden in sleeves
• Expert martial artist with excellent gymnastic abilities
• Expert burglar
• Superhuman sense of smell and night vision
Weapons: Kessler Pistol
Occupation: Housewife and occasional thief
Affiliations: The Birchall Family
Face Claim: Susan Coffey
Second Face Claim: None
Aimee's history is a long and dark one that's filled with a lot of pain and suffering. At the tender age of five her mother died and left Aimee with her father. Nathan Ford was a world renowned Art thief and dealer; and all around drunken scumbag. In her teens she turned to snowboarding and this is how she met Sam Birchall and Marty Isaacs. She taught them how to snowboard and the three of them became good friends.

When Aimee went to Uni, she knew Sam had probably gotten over her and she began to date this man named Ryan Greene. Things seemed to be going well for her, until he decided to become violent after drinking one night. Aimee killed him in self defense and when she realized she needed to learn how to defend herself and find a job to pay for her education, she turned to her only source: her father.

She learned the tricks of her trade and took on the persona of Black Cat, using this persona to rob banks to pay for her schooling. It was going well until her father died mysteriously. Knowing that she could suffer the same fate, she decided to only be a thief at night and get a legal job by day. She then went on to become Councilor Creed's assistant in London.

Now back on her feet, she caught up with Sam and Marty and is now married to Geovanni Aurora. She and Geovanni have a daughter together, Gianna Aurora.
• Aimee swore she never wanted kids, but loves Gianna and her son with all her heart.
• Aimee's hair is naturally dark brown, and bleaches it to keep it white.
• Aimee does have binoculars that resemble cat ears, but chooses not to use them as her eyesight is fine.
• Aimee hates Lizards, and freaks out when she sees one.