Château Lumiere
Chateau Lumiere
Location: Paris, France / Earth / Sol System
Established: Unknown
Population: 10 (mostly Security). (Erik Turner visits on occasion, but never resides there)
Status: Active

Château Lumiere is a mansion custom built and owned by the Turner family. The mansion itself was once a front for a small, underground lab called the Hive: (a mysterious lab with unknown origins, built by Charles Turner in response of his release from Binary Helix). However, parts of Charles's Hive has since been sealed and can only be reopened via voice recognition by Erik Turner himself, and a new Hive has been built in its wake.

Currently, the original Hive (Charles's Hive) has been modernized and rebuilt underneath the Umbrella's headquarters in London and the smaller lab in Paris now serves a multitude of purposes. It's main purpose is that it serves as Erik Turner's personal laboratory where he created the technology for his Goblin suit as well as the Pumpkin Bombs and biochemical weaponry. However, with the recent alliance of a clone of Ellie Birchall (Lady Hydra), a young Daniel Kaine, an alternate version of Daniel's son Jared Kaine from an alternate universe, and Jared's girlfriend Natasha Vetrov; the original Hive is now part of Hydra's operations.