Location: Milky Way / Petra Nebula / Vetus


The Jon Grissom Academy, founded in 2176, is the Alliance's premier school for young adults seeking higher, and special, education. The institution is housed in a space station in orbit over the human colony of Elysium. Its main program, the Alpha Project, is designed to both train and monitor young demigods as well as help them learn how to control their powers.

The stated mission of Grissom is to "serve a multicultural student population demonstrating excellence and passion for math, science, and the liberal arts." In 2198 Olivia Creed and her investment company, Creed Holdings, Inc., acquired it, it's become more of an academy for all subjects and its student body ranges in age from eighteen to well into the mid-twenties. The school's Alpha Project, geared towards to those born of gods and mortals. The Alpha Project is directed by the Greek god Apollo in his human form.

Unbeknownst to those that cannot see through the mist, the school has magical borders, which are enforced by the Golden Fleece, found by the son of Poseidon Orion Marx, the Legacy Seth Birchall, and the Japanese Time Traveler Suzu Ootori. It was placed in the Alpha Project wing ensuring that no monsters could get into the school, and no where near the Alpha wing. The Fleece stays on the wall and the Alpha wing is guarded by Suzu in her Dragon form.

Population: 5,685
Station Length: 1.1 km
Gross Weight: 375,000 metric tons