Location: Milky Way / Horse Head Nebula / Anadius


Kronos Station

The original Kronos Station (formerly Cronos Station but the name was changed because of a Daily News typo that stuck), was locked in orbit around the Mla red supergiant Anadius. This was the Illusive Man's hideout, and the Headquarters of Cerberus. As of the end of the Reaper War it was subsequently destroyed.

Kronos II

After two years, Kronos Station was rebuilt and renamed Kronos II by Daniel Kaine in the same location the original station was. However, it was subsequently destroyed when Briella Kaine activated the self-destruct to save her brother Jared, her boyfriend at the time Cadence Lee, and Katie Birchall. The destruction of the station with Daniel inside rid the galaxy of Cerberus at the time, and sent the crew into Universe-215.

Kronos III

After the release of Ophelia Marcellus from her confinement on Ontarom and with funds Daniel Kaine had left behind, she set out to rebuild not only Kronos Station, but Cerberus as a whole. The end result is Kronos III, a station ahead of its time. This station possesses brain scanners, automatic turrets inside and out, and a control room deep within the interior of the station to prevent destruction in case of disaster. The lower floors house the Dollhouse, the brainchild of Ophelia Marcellus and overseen by Natalie Blake.