The Quest for Daisy Marx
Eliott Carver, the leader of the quest, along with his companions, Marie Hakim, and Nathan Octavius
Goal To retrieve his sister, Daisy Marx, from the Elysian Fields.
Quest Leader Eliott Carver
Number of Members 3
Other Members Marie Hakim
Nathan Octavius
Prophecy The Prophecy
Location The Citadel, the new place for Olympus and the Underworld.
Result Eliott was sacrificed for Daisy's safety.

The Quest for Daisy Marx was a quest given to Eliott Carver by his father Apollo for a number of reasons, one being Eliott's tie to Daisy, and because Apollo knew that Eliott wanted to die. Eliott then chooses Marie and Nathan to accompany him for Marie's knowledge of the underworld and Nathan's strength.


What you seek lies deep within the galaxy’s heart,
To travel with companions to which Aphrodite will impart.
You shall be betrayed by one to which you hold a grudge,
And a soul for a soul, you must be the final judge.

Unraveling the Prophecy

This prophecy unravels throughout the role play:

  1. Eliott, Nathan, and Marie head to the Citadel which is the heart of the galaxy, and now where Olympus has moved. They find that the entrance to the underworld is Chora's Den after being attacked by a massive Scorpion.
  2. Eliott takes Marie and Nathan on the quest with him, to which Aphrodite has a plan for the two young demigods. Aphrodite wants a truce between the Davidians, the Egyptians, and the Greek/Roman gods so her idea of a truce is to break the treaty and have Marie and Nathan fall in love. Which, ends up being successful as they make love on the shores of the River Styx.
  3. Eliott, who's held a grudge against the gods in general, made a deal with Hades for Daisy's passage back to the world of the living. Hades double crossed Eliott and came for them personally.
  4. Eliott then had a choice to make: either he leave the Underworld safely, or Daisy did. Eliott chose to die to allow Daisy to get back to the world of the living, to her dismay.