“I never forget a face. I am a Drell after all”

Viro Buso is a 3rd year student at Grissom Academy, a kind young man with severe emotional trauma from horrific past experiences. He is currently in a relationship with Alison Creed.

Originally Viro was stolen by a group of slavers that murdered his family and destroyed his colony when he was 5. He remained in there captivity for years before being rescued during a C-Sec sting operation. After several years of therapy he has been allowed to attend Grissom Academy as a way of returning to regular civilian life. He works part-time in the schools Admission office his photographic memory proving useful for the constant filing and updating of data.


Viro has a fairly standard Drell appearance with deep blue skin. His intense physical regimen has given him a slender but toned figure.


Viro is a soft spoken and kind hearted person. He attempts to keep all encounnters light and pleasant, never showing agression and doing is best to hide any unpleasant feelings he may have.

His years in captivity have given him severe PTSD, occasionally his drell recollection will cause him to have violent flashbacks to the torture he suffered at the hands of his slavers. He makes it a point to hide these events, as well as the nightmares he suffers from everyone for fear they will view him as broken.


  • He wishes to become a C-Sec detective and follow in the footsteps of the officers who saved him from the slavers.
  • Viro has an extremely hostile combat style from being thrown into fighting pit as a child.
  • Viro has an adopted Asari mother who has been kind to him but he does not have a strong relationship with her.
  • When he isn't studying he likes to work on mechanics. He has a deep love of motorcycles and has a classic one on Illium that he works on whenever he is off campus.
  • He speaks several languages and can understand most major languages without the use of a translator.
  • He is in love with and completely devoted to Alison Creed.
  • He has a deep hatred for Batarians and Vorcha as a result of being enslaved by a group of them.